Timeless Collections made of Luxurious Materials

ADAMO, representing reflected uniqueness with magnificent style in its luxury men and women collections, takes place as pioneer of the field since 1989. ADAMO has been making luxury fur, leather, cashmere, and textile collections for over 30 years. Since its inception, policy of the company is based on determination to offer highest quality, exceeding limits of luxury and making all customers’ dreams a reality.

The ADAMO Men and Women Collections are the core of the brand. The design process and production phase of both collections, the highest priority is carried forward by considering the luxurious textures and wonderful stance.

ADAMO Team is proud to work tirelessly to bring our customers timeless items. ADAMO offers a number of authentic, luxurious fur, leather and textile garments that are hand-finished in Turkey. The line includes a full range of fine cashmere and merino wool sweaters, as well as a full range of leather garments. ADAMO’s leather jackets are made of a special blend of high quality leather and are hand-finished in Turkey.

ADAMO also makes a range of fine leather accessories including belts, handbags, and wallets. It offers a variety of leather jackets with shearling linings, and a range of leather coats made with natural fur.


With the number of stores and customers increasing day by day, ADAMO getting closer to be the most known fashion brand that uses the finest materials in the world.